Eat, for one day you shall be eaten.

Hours of Fun

Posted in Misc. by youwillbeeaten on April 6, 2009

I haven’t really been keeping to my promise to blog at least once a week.
I’ve been too busy

Things have been hectic and work has been piling up.
There are deadlines looming and procrastination has no longer an option.

But, if I can actually get it together to defend by May look out for waaaaaaaaaaaay more action up in here very soon.


In the mean time this will keep you busy for hours. Fun, fun, fun!!


Essence Portraits

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And They Have a Plan…

Posted in Misc. by youwillbeeaten on March 21, 2009

bsgI’m live blogging the BSG finale, bitches!!!
Deal with it.

8:59pm Nerdy, nerdy Fandom Forum Show commercial… will I watch that too. Who knows. Stay tuned.

9:00pm OK, here goes.. Pre-fall of Caprica Starbuck seems lame. Don’t you think?

9:02pm Adama refusing a lap dance, really? But Tigh seems like lots of fun. 

9:05pm Of course Rosalin drinks white wine. And of course she’d end up on a blind date with a student.



What’s Next, No Trolls or Demons?

Posted in Uncategorized by youwillbeeaten on March 14, 2009

9d6b88f44c8a8323863264621c131An archeological dig in Venice unearthed a mass burial of shroud eaters.(via The Toronto Star).

That’s right folks, VAMPIRES!!! 

The article tries to make it seem like vampires are “not real” and just a superstition used to explain plagues and other pestilence.

WTF? We all know better. Right?

 I mean if this guy, this guy and these guys aren’t real vampires, then I don’t know what to believe any more.

Also, FYI: how to become a psychic vampire.


Posted in Recipe by youwillbeeaten on March 10, 2009

belly_20bama_small  OMFG!!

**make sure you watch the video and click the link on the page I’ve linked to. Seriously.

I don’t know if I could eat that, but I’m willing to try. No one likes a whiner or a quitter. Time to bust a gut. 


Maybe to celebrate APRIL 5TH!!!!!!



Ways To Be Cool

Posted in Misc., Oddity by youwillbeeaten on March 9, 2009

I just watched “NewZelandTown,” the latest Flight of the Conchords episode. This week, Murray is disappointed with the low turnout at the Conchords last gig–there was only one large man (with many shopping bags) in the audience, who ended up sneaking out after the first song–and suspects that if Bret and Jemaine looked cooler they might attract more fans. In an effort too boost the Conchords cool-factor, Murray give the boys a vat of hair gel and tells them to work on their look, but also asks them to be careful with this gift–after all, hair gel is “powerful stuff.” As the episode continues we learn all about the highest of highs and the lowest of lows that hair gel– and coolness– can bring to a person.



Get On It!

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Probatum Est!**

Posted in Oddity, Wicked by youwillbeeaten on March 2, 2009

**The following spells and remedies have been proven to be true…but not by me.

At least not yet.

I’m going to spend the next little while testing the efficacy of this collection of remedies and magics (both sympathetic and natural). I’ll post the results soon.




To make a Magnetic Compass which will serve to Discover the Treasures and Ores in the Bowels of the Earth.

For this purpose a magnet made of the plusquam perfection, accompanied by the prime material of which all metals grow is requisite: with this, the magnet of the compass must be strengthened. Around the compass are engraved the charac teristic signs of all the seven metals. If it is desired now to ascertain what kind of a metal is most likely to be found in a hidden treasure or in ore beneath the earth, it will be only necessary to hie to that particular spot, where the magnetic rod has given the indication, but you must put your foot there where the perpendicular shows its attractions, and take of every metal a small piece, that is, one as heavy as the other, and lay it upon the resp. character and the needle will rotate to that metal which predominates under the surface of the earth, and there it will stand still. 


Closet WoW

Posted in Oddity, Wicked by youwillbeeaten on February 26, 2009

I haven’t been keeping this a secret per se, I just haven’t totally come out of the closet as a giant nerd who’s waaaaaaaaay too into video games. But I think the time is nigh. 

Here goes:

My name is Lauren and I love role-playing video games.


Update (March 4, 09): The Guardian just did a piece on WoW gold farming. See, this blog is timely and relevant.


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I’ve been under-employed for some time now. This has mostly been by choice since

a) I need to finish my thesis, and

b) I’m lazy

But it’s all catching up with me now and I need to start making “mad cheddar” (as the kids say)–meaning, I have to start working regular hours, just like a regular person. 

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!     WTF????!!?!?!?!?!     You know?

Got any get-rich-quick tips?