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And They Have a Plan…

Posted in Misc. by youwillbeeaten on March 21, 2009

bsgI’m live blogging the BSG finale, bitches!!!
Deal with it.

8:59pm Nerdy, nerdy Fandom Forum Show commercial… will I watch that too. Who knows. Stay tuned.

9:00pm OK, here goes.. Pre-fall of Caprica Starbuck seems lame. Don’t you think?

9:02pm Adama refusing a lap dance, really? But Tigh seems like lots of fun. 

9:05pm Of course Rosalin drinks white wine. And of course she’d end up on a blind date with a student.


9:09pm puking on yourself totally trumps just drooling on yourself, Adama. Woo Hoo Retirement!!

9:19pm So Gaida’s lover is Admiral now, and the lawyer is president. This makes me think that Adama and co. are not gonna successfully make it out of this one.

9:20pm Baltar finally ditches his hoard of brainwashed babes. OH SNAP the humans have centurions. Free their minds and their asses will follow, apparently.

9:24pm love that they’re dusting off the ancient ships for this one…

9:27p Oh Shit! That’s a lot of fire power. They needs Anders ON.

9:28pm He did it. 

9:29pm I love the blunt and brutal force of the Galactica attack. It’s so typically human.

9:32pm We all knew that if any of the raptor pilots were going to die early and horribly it was gonna be Skulls. Why is it that red-shirts and black guys are the first to go on TV?

9:36pm Do you think that the centurions get pleasure from killing their fellow toasters?

9:38pm Woah, can’t wait to see what happens with Baltar and Six now.

9:40pm They better get the girl and then shoot Boomer… Seriously.

9:41pm SWEEEEEEEET! She did it. 

9:47pm Gotta say, I’m loving Baltar the soldier. He’s got one hell of an itchy trigger finger. Just like me…

9:48pm Can’t wait for that damned Opera House vision to be explained

9:51pm Hera is very slippery. Looks like they should get her one of those leashes you sometimes see on kids.

9:53pm Will Hera, Baltar and Six be the only remaining survivors???

9:56 pm Seriously, why don’t they just shoot Cavil and then just take Hera? I don’t get it.

9:58pm Didn’t they already make a deal with the cylons that totally backfired. They really need to shoot Cavil. I’m not buying this “leap of faith” thing. Lame.

10:00pm That Gillette Sculpting Gel commercial has resurrected the “Gay Downs”/”Gay Face” debate between Shiv and I.

10:04pm Oh shit, Tori gonna be in trouble!! They’re gonna know about Callie… OH SNAP!!! Chief is gonna be soooooooooo pissed.

10:06pm That was awesome. So glad Chief did that. Then Cavil **killed himself**– that’s some cold, cold shit. Now it’s getting good.

10:08pm Is Starbuck gonna jump them into their destruction, a la “you will lead them to their destruction”?? Or will she finally find earth??

10:15pm That really was Galactica’s last battle. What are they gonna do with a ripped open ship??

10:17pm ACTUAL EARTH!!!! Woah….

10:18pm So I was totally wrong about them not making out of this one. I’m glad.

10:19pm It was totally BSG crew who left behind all those crystal skulls.

10:22pm Wonder if we are gonna see Daniel, the 8th cylon?

10:37pm Where is Adama going? Where is Starbuck going?

10:40pm Abracadabdra!  Where did she go? We better find out “what” she is. And it better not be an angel or a pigeon.

10:50pm Too much god shit. It’s a total cop-out. This is getting shittier by the minute.

10:53pm I know they want to “break the cycle” and all, but really, spreading out like that doesn’t make any sense for survival. 

10:56pm This is the stupidest ending ever.



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  1. Matt said, on March 25, 2009 at 12:55 pm

    ok, so i responded:


  2. fraser said, on March 27, 2009 at 8:28 pm

    holy shit, talk about gay downs/face/whatever.
    if you watch carefully, you can see one photo where girlfriend is partying in mykonos or ibiza or key west wearing a feather boa.
    you better work!

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