Eat, for one day you shall be eaten.



I was born in Chicago, Illinois to liquor distributors from Omaha, Nebraska. Soon after my birth, my family moved to California and I spent most of my early years between the San Francisco Bay Area and Globe, Arizona. It was in my early childhood that I developed my enduring  love of deep-dish pizzas, snake meat and orange flavoured liquors.

Music was very important to my family, and my parents spent time developing my musical abilities by allowing me to play various instruments, including: the oboe, the xylophone and the theremin. While I enjoyed playing a wide variety of instruments, I eventually settled into seriously studying the calliope. I am currently in the process of composing a piece for calliope, harpsichord and electric guitar, in 3/16 time signature.

I dropped out of high school at age 15 to join the circus and travelled with various carnivals, finding work as a roustabout and musician. In total I spent four very formative years traveling, playing music and grifting. By age 19 my love of cotton candy and of gambling had each solidified into a fully-formed habits, as did my distrust of organized religion.

During my early twenties I bandied about finding work as an organist in bars, lounges, and nightclubs, and I even briefly worked as a photographer for the San Francisco police department.

It was during this time with the police that  I began to dabble as a psychic investigator, looking into “800 calls” referred to me by various officers. These investigations piqued my interest in paranormal research, and I began to seriously take up the study of teleportation, time travel, poltergeists and spontaneous combustion.

Eventually, I began presenting my research at Friday night lectures on the occult to a “Magic Circle” of associates who shared many my interests, and contributed significantly to my parapsychological development.

This Magic Circle has since disbanded. However the Circle is still unbroken.

My current research is focused on documenting and creating instances of the paranormal, in order to ritualistically reunite the Circle. 

This blog is dedicated to this, and other, endeavors.


3 Responses

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  1. jennifer said, on January 28, 2009 at 9:25 pm

    i say, bring it on, fatties.


    currently drinking the danger hour coffee. you know of which i speak of.

  2. fraser said, on February 20, 2009 at 7:29 pm

    your circus backstory sounds a bit similar to cher’s gypsys tramps and theives…
    born in the wagon of a travelling show
    mama used to dance for the money they’d throw
    but i always thought your life story was more like half breed?

    • youwillbeeaten said, on February 20, 2009 at 7:45 pm

      i lead a complicated life, fraser. you know me. part gypsy, part tramp, part thief, a little bit country, a little bit rock n roll… and ALL HALFBREED. Just like you.

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