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Hours of Fun

Posted in Misc. by youwillbeeaten on April 6, 2009

I haven’t really been keeping to my promise to blog at least once a week.
I’ve been too busy

Things have been hectic and work has been piling up.
There are deadlines looming and procrastination has no longer an option.

But, if I can actually get it together to defend by May look out for waaaaaaaaaaaay more action up in here very soon.


In the mean time this will keep you busy for hours. Fun, fun, fun!!


Essence Portraits

Posted in Misc. by youwillbeeaten on March 26, 2009


And They Have a Plan…

Posted in Misc. by youwillbeeaten on March 21, 2009

bsgI’m live blogging the BSG finale, bitches!!!
Deal with it.

8:59pm Nerdy, nerdy Fandom Forum Show commercial… will I watch that too. Who knows. Stay tuned.

9:00pm OK, here goes.. Pre-fall of Caprica Starbuck seems lame. Don’t you think?

9:02pm Adama refusing a lap dance, really? But Tigh seems like lots of fun. 

9:05pm Of course Rosalin drinks white wine. And of course she’d end up on a blind date with a student.



Ways To Be Cool

Posted in Misc., Oddity by youwillbeeaten on March 9, 2009

I just watched “NewZelandTown,” the latest Flight of the Conchords episode. This week, Murray is disappointed with the low turnout at the Conchords last gig–there was only one large man (with many shopping bags) in the audience, who ended up sneaking out after the first song–and suspects that if Bret and Jemaine looked cooler they might attract more fans. In an effort too boost the Conchords cool-factor, Murray give the boys a vat of hair gel and tells them to work on their look, but also asks them to be careful with this gift–after all, hair gel is “powerful stuff.” As the episode continues we learn all about the highest of highs and the lowest of lows that hair gel– and coolness– can bring to a person.




Posted in Misc. by youwillbeeaten on February 20, 2009



I’ve been under-employed for some time now. This has mostly been by choice since

a) I need to finish my thesis, and

b) I’m lazy

But it’s all catching up with me now and I need to start making “mad cheddar” (as the kids say)–meaning, I have to start working regular hours, just like a regular person. 

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!     WTF????!!?!?!?!?!     You know?

Got any get-rich-quick tips?


Beefin’ Up

Posted in Ephemera, Misc. by youwillbeeaten on January 28, 2009


I need more links for my Blogroll and Links sections. Do you job imaginary readers and post some suggestions in the comments section.

What’s all this?

Posted in Misc. by youwillbeeaten on January 28, 2009

This blog does not have a purpose.

I was thinking of maybe posting recipes, posting embarrassing photos and videos of my dog, posting reviews of Nick Cage movies, posting odes to Daniel Baldwin and James Woods, posting about vampires, posting about the uncanny, posting about the occult, posting about space exploration (as a waste of time), posting about wasting time, posting about wasting space, posting about ways to get around Google Books page restrictions, posting about learning After Effects, posting about my laptop’s ever-shortening battery life, posting about running, posting about playing soccer (poorly), posting about knife sharpening techniques, posting about my quest to get a gun license, posting about being harassed into getting a drivers license, posting about my folding bike with a perpetual flat tire, posting about my hair cuts, posting about my new love of hair mousse, posting about teaching my dog how to sneeze on command, posting about TV shows I like, posting about good shit on You Tube, posting about my inability to wake up before 11:30am, posting about why goths don’t get SAD, posting about, posting about homemade sausage…

This blog may very well address some, all, or even more than what’s listed above. However, in the end, I think it will primarily be used in service of :

In this spirit, I will make a concerted attempt to post something everyday–after all, I do have a thesis to complete.

Here are two things I’ve been spending time with, in an effort to avoid work: Splume and Cat Stacker .

It’s On.

Posted in Misc., Oddity by youwillbeeaten on January 27, 2009


Just went live.

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